I was recommended to try MFR treatment with Jenna by a friend. Initially I was unaware of MFR Therapy, but was open to trying something new which could help reduce my stressful life patterns.

I was pleasantly surprised by the results of this treatment I have never experienced a treatment quiet like it in the way it makes your body relax and releases all the tensions.

I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone. Jenna is an experienced and attentive therapist who put me at ease throughout each treatment.She explained everything that was going to happen. There were no surprises to hold me back when my body moved spontaneously.

After each treatment:

  • I felt re-energised
  • My body felt leaner and stronger
  • My muscles felt taught and elongated even to say I was taller!
  • I was feeling more flexible – I was able to put my body into many different positions that would not normally be able to achieve or would ever go into and probably wouldn’t!



My Intensive Treatment course has been an amazing experience. The Cranial Sacral Myofascial Release Treatment I received from Jenna is my particular favourite. The relaxation I experienced during the treatment travelled down my body from my head to my toes like a wave. I have been left more energised with a feeling of well-being.

I was quite sceptical of the treatment beforehand but I allowed myself to go with it and have been both surprised and pleased with the outcome.

I have begun my journey of unwinding – which for me has been signified by laughing as my body lets go. Laughing is actually an avoidance pattern and I am working with Jenna to take me through the laughter phase and beyond to start my journeys of full un-windings.

I suffer from a condition called ‘Dry Eyes’. During the treatments my eyes became watery – AMAZING!



Following recent surgery on my abdomen and a period of in active recovery I tried an introductory Myofascial Release Experience as I was suffering from acute hip pain and was considering injections to relieve the pain.

Following only one treatment with Jenna my pain has already reduced. The pain no longer interrupts my daily activities and the thought of considering pain killing injections is therefore barely interrupts my now active lifestyle.

Myofascial release treatment programme is now scheduled in my diary and I am looking forward to experiencing my full fascia freedom potential.



I had been suffering from excruciating neck and shoulder pains for years brought about by many hours sitting in front of a computer for both work and hobby. I tried everything including regular massage to gym work but to no avail.

I heard about Jenna and the MFR treatment she was providing. Following an initial consultation I elected to go for an initial course of intensive treatment followed by further regular treatment sessions.

Gradually the pain and discomfort has subsided and I now visit for periodic ‘top-up’ sessions to keep my body aligned and free of pain. Resulting from the treatment and the knowledge gained from Jenna, I am now very aware of my body and the warning signals it puts out. I have managed to make changes to my lifestyle to reduce the impact upon my body.